Fake Smash Mouth Concert



Joey created a fake Facebook event for a Smash Mouth concert in the dumpster behind Gelson's and then booked an actual Steve Harwell impersonator to show up at the advertised day and time.


Facebook Event : HERE


The event gained a lot of steam, so he created promotional videos and posters to further advertise the show. A dozen people showed up at the Gelson’s and the Steve Harwell impersonator performed three Smash Mouth songs. The next day, Joey created a Reddit post labeled “I Made A Fake Facebook Event Saying Smash Mouth Was Playing A Concert At A Grocery Store And The Real Steve Harwell Showed Up”, which made it onto the front page.


Reddit thread : HERE


The image got something like 200,000 views in a few hours before the Internet realized that the shoeless long haired 25-year-old impersonator wearing a plastic gold chain was not the real Steve Harwell.






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